MATT Dillon and Johnny Depp better wear their wellies this weekend in San Sebastian as the red carpet has been saturated by biblical rain. 

Event staff are doing their best to clear the mass of water that is now pooling around the photo area. 

Screenshot 2020 09 25 At 12 51 43
SOAKED: The red carpet out of service

Celebrities and moviegoers alike are sheltering in hotels and cafes as relentless rain lashes from the sky. 

Yellow rain and wind warnings have been issued in Donostia by the Meteorological Agency until at least midnight tomorrow. 

Forecasts have predicted at least 40mm of rainfall in the next twelve hours. 

Screenshot 2020 09 25 At 12 52 12
GLOOMY: Dark skies at Johnny Depp’s hotel

Wind speed, meanwhile, is expected to reach 90km/h. 

Taxi rank numbers have become permanently engaged, leaving attendees to seek out other modes of transport including electric scooters. 

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