JUNTA president Juanma Moreno has warned that ‘people of all ages are dying’ as he pleaded for everyone to stay at home this bank holiday weekend. 

The Partido Popular leader made the comments this afternoon after the southernmost region counted more than 5,000 new cases for the second day in a row, along with 44 more deaths. 

Speaking on Canal Sur, Moreno said the situation ‘is bad’, in every sense of the word. 

“I say this with utmost sincerity, the months that are going to come are going to be very hard,” Moreno said.

“I am asking citizens to please stay at home or within your bubbles…let’s avoid unnecessary meetups and take it seriously.”

His message was particularly aimed at young people seeking to continue with their social lives as normal. 

“Many people think that this may also be the end of the crisis,” Moreno added, saying that no one is safe from the virus.

“People of all ages are dying,” he warned. 

If the numbers continue to worsen, the president vowed to take tougher measures within 10 days. 

“I want these measures to work, but if they do not work we will continue taking others that will be harsher, more restrictive and limiting,” he warned, although a home confinement like that seen in March would be ‘the last resort.’ 

“We are going to try and avoid that scenario, that will be negative for everyone in terms of health and economics,” he said.

He also complained of an avalanche of people leaving Sevilla for their second homes on Thursday, particularly in Huelva, before the closure of the province came into force. 

He said: “I am concerned that on this bank holiday weekend, thanks to the good weather, people will not take the virus seriously.” 

Moreno added that no one is exempt from catching COVID-19 and that many people who have died never thought they would catch it or get sick. 

“It can be any one of us, so I ask you for maximum caution,” he insisted.

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