It was only yesterday that expat shoppers rushed to buy tins of Quality Street at the new Tesco-stocked superstore in Mijas.

Sold at the bog off price of €12, Brits eagerly scooped up the Christmas cult product.

But horror has struck many Brits both at home and overseas as they discovered one sweet has been removed from the selection.

Last year, the Chocolate Caramel Brownie was added to the tin and met with great approval from consumers.

But the new sweet has now gone missing as Nestle were forced to halt production when factory workers went into lockdown.

“I’ve just emptied a box on the table…where are the Chocolate Caramel Brownies?! My eight-year-old son is devastated,” said one customer online.

Due to coronavirus, the ‘Purple Ones’ are also in short supply.

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