VALENCIAN COMMUNITY president, Ximo Puig, has said that home confinements are not going be adopted in the region ‘at the moment’, but is keeping it up his sleeve if needed.

Speaking on a visit to Orihuela City on the southern Costa Blanca yesterday(November 3), Puig said:

“We have not reached that point where other Spanish regions are requesting strict home lockdowns.”

COVID-19 case rates and hospitalisations have continued to rise in the Valencian Community which imposed a midnight curfew 10 days ago, and closed its borders for a week last Friday(October 30).

Puig confirmed yesterday that the closure would be extended for a further seven days.

Like with other decisions made during the pandemic, the regional leader made it clear though that all options like a lockdown are still on the table.

“We would never want to reach the position of forcing people to stay at home, but health trumps every consideration. Any future moves must be reasonable and balanced,” he added.

Ximo Puig also criticised protests that have taken place over the curfew restrictions, as well as rule-breakers staging Halloween parties last weekend:

“These people do not represent anybody and are a marginal part of our society.”


  1. This is gaslighting and mental torture on a world wide stage, those in power hate us and want to make us prisoners, slaves or their murder victims.
    There is no virus, I still don’t know anyone that is sick, nobody died from a pretend virus; plenty died purely from lockdown imprisonment, such as suicides, hospital surgery cancelled etc.
    If anyone is having problems breathing or has a cough it’s due to the toxic geo-engineering, flaring etc. The idea of a cold / flu season has always been a lie, it’s caused by poisoning our air. Of course colds / the flu are miraculously cured now since everything is covid now and covid is a LIE! We are being lied to on a massive scale by scumbags. Most of these nurses and doctors are scumbag liars also, empty hospitals, these witches and warlocks aren’t care givers they are abusers and our rulers are terrorists that have declared war on the common man!

    Location : Gosport

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