THE man responsible for the gruesome halloween killing in Huelva has been identified as a former Mexican convicted thief and crime ring-leader.

Manuel Jesus Navarro was identified after footage of him surfaced placing a carrier bag containing the head of a man before placing it in a recycling container.

Navarro, 60, casually showed passers-by – including children – the head before disposing of it.

Known as ‘El Mejicano’ in the area, Navarro is thought to have a long criminal past after a spell living in Mexico.

According to early reports, Navarro is thought to have been the leader of a criminal gang specialising in robbery and drug smuggling.

0_el Mexicano2
GRUESOME: Navarro walks to the recycling bin with the head of Candido in a carrier bag

Navarro was captured in Mexico in 2009 after a series of violent raids on businesses in the Mexican town of Monterrey, before being sentenced to 10 years in prison.

It is understood that Navarro returned to Huelva just months ago after being released.

The victim, currently identified by his first name Candido, is thought to have been a friend of Navarro and would be regularly seen with him walking through Huelva.

“Candido was lovely. He would always help you out without asking for anything in return,” said a local resident to spanish media outlet Telecinco.

It is thought that the dispute that led to the beheading was a disagreement over drugs.

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