A MALE chiropractor operating in Valencia City has been arrested for sexually abusing two clients by fondling two clients in their buttocks and breasts, police have revealed.

The individual’s identity has not been revealed but police have stated that the person is 45 years’ old and a Spanish national with Spanish background. The individual is facing two charges of sexual abuse.

These charges relate to two separate incidents, one at the end of August and another in October, with separate complaints about touching their buttocks and breasts and talking to them in a sensual manner.

Policia National
ARREST: Chiropractor was detained

In the first incident, a young woman attended the centre, telling the suspect that she had a shoulder ailment. The masseur reportedly told her to stay in her underwear, without providing her with anything to cover herself with during the session.

He is said to have lowered her panties, touching her buttocks. He further touched the sides of her breasts and complimented her upon her body and appearance, asked personal questions and spoke to her in a sexually charged manner, the report states.

A similar incident occurred in early October with a different client, again a young woman who came to the massage centre complaining of pain in her back and arms. 

Again, in a near carbon copy of the earlier incident, the suspect lowered her underwear and touched her buttocks and the sides of her breasts, the complainant stated.
The report states that the young woman further alleged that he put his fingers into her mouth and caressed her lips, face and hair, again while complimenting her on her body and appearance.

After the complaints were made, detectives visited the massage centre, seizing evidence that includes client records, confirmation of appointments, a USB device and two mobile phones.

The suspect has already appeared in court on a charge of breaching an order not to approach the victims after attempting to communicate with one of them.

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