A baby Western gorilla has been born for the first time ever at Andalucia’s Bioparc zoo in Fuengirola.

A critically endangered species, the Malaga park has been working on the conservation of the gorilla breed since 2004.

Born on November 11, the calf surprised the zoology team with his arrival.

When the team went to check in on the pregnant gorilla, Buu, they saw she had given birth alone during the night when they were at home.

The baby boy has been lovingly welcomed by the rest of the gorilla group, as well as the zoo staff.

“Everyone is interested in the new member,” said Bioparc veterinarian Jesus Recuero.

“But without a doubt Wefa, the youngest female in the group, is the one who is most interested and curious,” he continued.

“Perhaps because of her young age or because she has been a good team with Buu from the beginning,” explained Recuero.

“Whether for one reason or another, Wefa is always prowling and close to the mother and the baby.”

Western gorillas are the most widespread of all gorilla species. Yet, due to poaching and disease they are still critically endangered with 60% of the population disappearing in the last 20 years.  


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