HOSPITAL pressure in Andalucia has decreased for the second day in a row in a sign that the measures put in place almost a fortnight ago might finally be having an impact on the health system. 

According to figures released by the Junta there are 119 fewer coronavirus patients in the region Thursday, lowering the total to 3,162. 

Intensive care units also saw its number reduce by three to 525 today.

Meanwhile, this Thursday there were 3,296 cases detected. While that figure is 472 more than yesterday, it is 1,441 fewer than the number detected Thursday last week. 

It means the figures are generally stabilising and dropping, a good sign ahead of the meeting of the expert committee and the Junta this Sunday, where it will be decided whether to loosen, tighten or keep in place the current restrictions. 

COVID-19 deaths also saw a drop today, although 42 people lost their lives to the virus in the past 24 hours (down from 72 yesterday and 89 on Tuesday). 

Sevilla registered the most deaths Thursday with 12, followed by Granada with nine, Jaen and Cordoba with seven, Malaga with six, Almeria with four, Cadiz with three and Huelva with one. 

As for the 3,296 cases announced Thursday, Sevilla counted the most for the eighth day in a row, clocking 805. 

Granada counted 608, Malaga 406, Jaen 372, Cadiz 364, Cordoba 288, Almeria 239 and Huelva 214.

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