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CBD wine predicted to be a major trend in 2021


Spain is famous the world over for its top quality wines. Yet this is more than just a drink to accompany dinner, or over which to wind down after a stressful day at work. Wine has a history going back literally thousands of years. It is thought to have been made and consumed as far back as 7,000 BC in Ancient China, and is as important for more than just its flavour.  

Wine plays an important role in various religious rituals and traditions, from the Libations of Ancient Egypt to the Eucharist in modern Christianity. It also has scientifically proven health benefits, for example in reducing the risk of diabetes and improving heart health.  

CBD and wine – the perfect combination? 

 From something with a history going back thousands of years we come to a far more modern phenomenon – at least by name. CBD has suddenly become the must-have product in complementary medicine. You see it appearing in all the health food shops, while online retailers like CBD Cibdol, with their ranges of CBD oils, edibles and lotions, are now a familiar sight.   

CBD’s trending power and wine’s historical popularity and significance is a combination too compelling to ignore. Expect those online retailers to gradually start adding varieties of CBD wine to their shelves in the months ahead.  

What is CBD wine? 

 CBD-infused wine is a relatively new idea that has only recently started to appear among the list of CBD-based edibles and drinkables. The wine is made in the usual way, with either full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate added prior to bottling. The idea was pioneered by Spanish producer CannaWine, which started supplying its products across Europe last summer. In the months since, a dozen or so more CBD wines have appeared on the scene, and more seem certain to follow.  

Health benefits 

 The health-giving properties of both wine and CBD are well documented. Combining the two can deliver powerful results in areas including heart health, mental health, natural pain relief, reduced risk of diabetes and anti-aging properties. Studies have even suggested that regularly consuming CBD-infused products like CBD wine can reduce the risk of developing cancer, although these indications need further research and analysis before any firm conclusions can be reached.  

 Another significant health benefit is that CBD wine generally has a far lower alcohol content than regular wine. This means you can consume a few glasses of it without the downside of inebriation or finding yourself battling a hangover the next morning.  

A great taste  

 Health-giving properties are great, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the main reason we drink a glass of wine is because we like the taste. CBD wines score well here too, and those who try them tend to come back for more. For anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of CBD but can’t stand the taste of taking it in its pure form, a glass or two of CBD wine in the evening might just tick all the boxes.  

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