FROM pirate ships to castles, zoos to cities: Playmobil has covered a huge range of themes since its inception in 1971 and still evokes fond memories for many people today. Perfect for fostering creativity, Playmobil sets have always been adored by young and old alike, and now they are going to form the centrepiece of an exhibition in Alicante, Spain.

Constructed by a group of friends who have been collecting clicks, as they are known in Spanish, for some thirty years, the exhibition will go on show in the municipal council of Vicente del Raspeig, in collaboration with the department of tourism, and run for nearly two months.

In total, it will showcase more than 5,000 figurines, organised into four different ‘sets’. 

Principal Los Clicks De Playmobil Toman San Vicente Del Raspeig Es
RECREATION: The Playmobil exhibition. Photo: San Vincente de Raspeig council

The first of these will imagine Ancient Rome in all its splendour. The second will recreate Eastern culture, inspired by One Thousand and One Nights. The third will depict timeless scenes from agricultural life. And the fourth will be a representation of the Festival of Christians and Moors, the largest fiesta in the Spanish region of Alcoy.

Dating back to the 16th century, this festival commemorates a battle fought in 1276 and is dedicated to San Jorge. Legend has it that San Jorge appeared in the midst of battle and helped the Christian army to secure victory, driving out the Moors forever.

CELEBRATIONS: The Festival of Moors and Christians

To get into the Christmas spirit, the creators of the Playmobil sets have also hidden a single Santa Claus figurine in the crowd. The toy festival performers themselves include ballet-dancing troops, marching bands, Moorish soldiers, flag bearers, and many more – reflecting the actual summer festival.

The exhibition can be visited from December 7 to January 31 on the lower ground floor of the San Vincente del Raspieg town hall. Entrance is gratis, but due to the COVID-19 restriction measures it is necessary to book beforehand. Call: 965 66 01 04

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