A BENIDORM woman has landed herself in hot water with the Policia Nacional after falsely reporting that she had a bag containing €6,000 snatched from her in the street by two men on a motorbike.

She admitted that she had made up the story but then compounded her problems by lying to agents again.

Her updated account was that had merely ‘lost’ the money in what was revealed to be a botched bid to claim compensation from her insurance company.

The 37-year-old was subsequently arrested for falsely reporting a crime and misappropriation.

Her tissue of lies started when she called the Policia Local and told them about the street robbery involving two ‘young men’.

She went to the police station to file a statement about the bag snatch.

Agents poured over CCTV footage and took witness statements and discovered that no robbery had happened.

The Spanish national then switched tack by saying she had fabricated the crime and that what really happened was that she had left work and gone shopping.

Somewhere on her travels, she claimed that she lost the money or that ‘somebody’ had stolen it.

The thorough police agents opened another investigation and once again video footage and interviews with people in the area revealed that she had spun a fresh yarn.

The reality was that she wanted to report a crime of robbery with violence to get her insurance company to compensate for her non-existent financial loss.

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