POLICIA Nacional have arrested a woman for allegedly selling fake coronavirus test results.

Investigators are also hunting down buyers of the forged negative results, which could allow COVID-19 carriers to enter the country without detection.

The suspect offered the fake tests for €40, with the convincing copies sent out within 24 hours via email.

Police said demand for such documentation is high after Spain announced people arriving from ‘at risk’ countries – including the UK – must provide a negative PCR test.

Investigations began in October, when the head of a Madrid laboratory informed police about fake negative PCR certificates purporting to be from their facility being sold online.

Adverts claimed that the certificates were valid to travel to any country, boasting that several people had already used them without any problem.

The laboratory representative did admit that the certificates, although completely fraudulent, had a ‘great similarity’ to those that were genuine.

However, within days of the report from the lab, the forger was located, arrested and handed over to judicial authorities.

The investigation remains open pending the identification, location and arrest of the buyers of the fraudulent certificates.

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