PRESIDENT of the Valencia region, Ximo Puig, issued the sternest of warnings to the population on Spanish TV yesterday, December 14th.

He appeared on “La Hora de la 1″, claiming that the next few days will be a “very big test”, regarding lockdown rules.

Despite regional figures being better than many areas in Europe, they are not getting better.

Puig stressed that if more restrictive measures were to be taken, they would be implemented.

He said, “The severity of the possible third wave is up to us.”

Maximum prudence was asked of the population with joint responsibility being taken to address the possibility of a third wave of Coronavirus at Christmas.

He admitted the idea of that, “is terrible, very terrible.”

He reminded everyone that although the official restrictions end of January 15th, we have some periods of respite.

The exceptions allowed are from December 23 and 26 and then December 31 and January 1.

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