POLICE in Andalucia will be checking that cafes are not serving alcohol between 6pm and 8pm from today. 

It comes after the Junta modified the coronavirus restrictions to allow for cafeterias to remain open throughout the afternoon and until 10:30pm – as long as no booze is served between the aforementioned two-hour window. 

A Policia Local source in Malaga told Diario Sur that they will check to ensure there is ‘not a drop of alcohol on tables, both on terraces and inside establishments.’ 

It suggests that those hoping to order a gin and tonic or two at 5:55pm and wait until alcohol can be served again until 8pm will have their plans dashed. 

The new hours for cafes are among a string of changes which came into effect across Andalucia today. 

Travel is also now allowed between the eight provinces and the curfew has changed from 10pm to 7am to 11pm to 6am.

Meanwhile, bars and restaurants are permitted to run a late service from 8:00pm to 10:30pm. Both must close between 6pm and 8pm.

It had previously been suggested that bars would join cafes in being permitted to open throughout the day, but a Junta source cleared up any doubt today. 

“The only change is that establishments which are listed as cafeterias, chocolaterias and ice cream parlours can open between the two-hour window,” the source, who works in the parliament, told the Olive Press. 

“If an establishment is a bar-cafe or a pub, it will not be included, regardless of whether or not it has coffee machines, the most important thing is what type of business they are registered as.” 

Businesses which are categorised with the Junta under groups 672 (Cafeterias), 674.6 (Establishments in theatres/cinemas) and 676 (chocolaterias and ice cream parlours), are the ONLY ones who can open during these hours, the source said.

He added: “There has been a lot of confusion and controversy about this update, but if your business does not fall within these three categories, you cannot open between 6pm and 8pm, simple.”

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