CALLOSA DE SEGURA Mayor, Manuel Martínez, wants a train line through the municipality to be dismantled because, “the tracks cross the city and split it in two.”

Manuel Mart  Nez Sirvent
MAYOR: Manuel Martinez

Martinez (right) maintains the commuter line restricts urban development, claiming, “It is an important issue for the locality and vital to correctly structure our town.”

“We want to build a green corridor that unites the two parts of the city, which is currently separated,” he explained.

Although the single-track line doesn’t split the city in two by equal measure, important buildings such as the Municipal Sports Centre, San Roque Public School, La Paz College and the Museo del Canamo are effectively cut-off from the majority of the town.

The aerial view (seen below) shows how the track, highlighted in red, splits Callosa de Segura asunder.

Cds 1
A CITY DIVIDED: The route of the single-track line
(crossing points highlighted in yellow)

Crossing the track can only be done at one central point, with another at the southern extreme of the city.

The council also claims that the responsibility of dismantling the line was transferred to them after a previous meeting with the Deputy and Senator for Alicante, César Sánchez and Pablo Ruz.

“These questions have already been presented to the Government in the Cortes,” lamented Martinez.

During a fire drill in the tunnel last week, a demonstration was organised for the Callosa de Segura Local Police, as they would be one of the first bodies to act in the event of an accident.

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