A MAN with links to Daesh was arrested in Castellon city on Christmas Day for allegedly threatening passers-by with a large machete.

The National Police were called out to detain the suspect, of Moroccan origin, who was causing a great public panic in a busy street.

According to police sources, the man has a long criminal history and is a close relative of a member of Islamic State who lived in the province before travelling to Syria to join the terrorist organisation.

Officers located the suspect on Alcora avenue, reportedly carrying a 35-centimetre machete and addressing them with shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘I’m going to kill you’.

The police managed to immobilise and arrest the man, disarming him of the machete and another knife he was found to be carrying.

Castellon city hall
Castellon city hall

Due to the severity of the case, it was handed over to the prosecution department of the Audiencia Nacional high court who discovered that, as well as his links to the international terrorist network, the suspect also had a history of several convictions for sexual abuse of minors, among other offences.

A search of his home revealed many electronic devices that are being analysed by anti-terrorist experts.

The man has been remanded in custody awaiting trial.

Albocasser prison in Castellon province currently holds five Jihadists with links to either Daesh or Al Qaeda, where they are kept under close supervision to prevent them from indoctrinating other inmates.

Among them is Mohamed Houli Chemlal, a member of the cell behind the attack on the Ramblas in Barcelona in August 2017 that killed 16 people and injured many more. 


  1. These people have no place in civilised society. Perhaps they should find societies where their disgusting and anti-west views are tolerated. It makes me wonder why these people live in places they hate, perhaps because they are better than the counties which they originate from?

    Location : Xabia

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