A daily high of 4,557 confirmed new COVID-19 infections has been announced this evening(January 8) in the Valencian Community.

The figure beat Tuesday’s pandemic record of 3,930 and is 748 more than yesterday’s total(up to then, the second-highest), which was deflated because of the Three Kings holiday.

70 people have died in the last 24 hours according to the regional health ministry, taking the total to 3,244 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The latest COVID-19 case breakdown shows 2,747 infections in Valencia Province, with 1,354 in Alicante Province, and 453 in Castellon Province.

Hospitalisations have risen to another record of 2,332, some 78 patients more than yesterday’s pandemic high.

Within Alicante Province, 758 people are in hospitals with 117 of them in ICUs.

35 outbreaks have been reported in the Valencian Community since yesterday, with 15 in Alicante Province.

Three outbreaks(13, 12 and 3 cases) are in Benidorm all caused through socialising.

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