THE Valencian President has called for national State of Alarm rules to be altered because he cannot impose lockdowns which are currently prohibited.

Speaking today(January 14), Ximo Puig said: “There have to be changes to allow home confinement by changing the provision of the State of Alarm.”

COVID-19 infection rates, deaths, and hospitalisations have reached pandemic-high levels in the last week across the Valencian Community.

Despite that, Puig’s freedom for manoeuvre is restricted by the national government, while he has been criticised for not taking further action to stem the pandemic.

Regional governments in Spain were given devolved powers under the second State of Alarm, but cannot go beyond what the measures allow them to do.

“We cannot extend the curfew time to earlier than 10.00 pm because that is all we are permitted to do within the State of Alarm,” Puig stated.

He nevertheless guaranteed that ‘decisions deemed appropriate will be made’ based on infection rates.

29 Valencian municipalities are subject to local border closures and extending that across the region to all communities may be an option.

Puig could also go down the route of the neighbouring Murcia region in stopping all contact between non-cohabiting people.

Other options might be further restrictions on the hospitality trade and ‘non-essential’ businesses.

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