A 27-YEAR-OLD man who allegedly raped and attempted to strangle his wife in Valencia has been set free with only a restraining order from the 26-year-old victim until the trial takes place.

Reports suggest that the attacker assaulted the young woman in their home in Puçol (Horta Nord, on the outskirts of Valencia city) on the afternoon of December 18.

Pucol Rapist And Strangler
Puçol (Valencia)

The man is said to have started an argument with his partner, eventually beating her and attempting to strangle her with his hands.

He then allegedly raped her once, continued beating her and tried to sexually abuse her a second time. When he was unsuccessful, he attempted to throttle her again.

The woman was eight weeks pregnant at the time, which her husband apparently knew.

After pleading with her tormentor to let her have a shower, the victim rushed out onto the balcony and began calling for help.

As increasing numbers of people gathered on the street below, the man tried to drag his partner back into the house.

When this proved impossible, the man fled the scene and remained on the run for nearly one month, eventually giving himself up when he learned that the Guardia Civil were after him.

During the time he was at large, he continuously sent his victim text and voice messages in which he warned her that he knew where she was.

The victim was classed as being at ‘extreme risk’ of suffering a repeat attack and was placed under police surveillance.

The fact that the suspect voluntarily handed himself over to the authorities, as opposed to being arrested and taken to court in handcuffs, is said to be the main reason why he has been allowed to walk free until the trial takes place at an unspecified date.

Meanwhile, his pregnant wife has been forced to leave the Valencia region out of fear of reprisals.

Her lawyer has requested that the alleged attacker be remanded in custody until the court case, as at the moment he is only barred from seeing or contacting the victim and restriction infringements are common in cases like this.

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