TRADITIONAL crime science uncovered a Dutch fraudster that was hiding out in Benidorm.

The 51-year-old had been on the run from Netherlands authorities since last October.

He was wanted over a charge of illegally obtaining €450,000.

The Policia Nacional arrested him in Benidorm after getting information that a man was using fake identity documents on a daily basis around the resort.

The man had rented a luxury car worth €70,000 as well as wearing expensive clothes and possessing an array of credit cards.

A fingerprint analysis of his fraudulently obtained Spanish driving licence with a bogus name turned out to be his undoing.

There were plenty of his prints on the card which revealed his true identity via a link to crime data bases.

The computer scan showed that he was the subject of a European Arrest Warrant issued in the Netherlands.

He was transferred to the National Court in Madrid ahead of his extradition to the Netherlands to face fraud charges.

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