JUANMA Moreno has warned of an ‘explosion’ in the number of cases of the British coronavirus variant in the coming weeks.

The leader of Andalucia, Spain’s most populous region, made the warning while announcing new coronavirus measures.

The Partido Popular said the UK variant, known to be more contagious, already accounts for 20% of new cases in Andalucia, rising to as high as 40% in Cadiz.

“According to the experts, the incidence of the British variant is not slowing, and in the next few weeks could become the dominant strain and cause an explosion in cases,” Moreno said.

“We are improving, but the danger of the virus is still very extreme. The intensive care units of hospitals are full people in life or death situations, and of all ages.”

The conservative leader also announced changes in the way the region would be applying and monitoring measures going forward.

Chiefly, the minimum time a municipality will have to close its borders and/or non-essential businesses will be reduced from 14 days to seven.

Both measures are required when a town crosses the tresholds of 500 cases or 1,000 cases per 100,000 people respectively.

The Junta will now meet just once a week on Thursdays, instead of twice, to update the figures and determine which restrictions apply where, with any decision coming into force from the following Saturday.

In just two weeks, the cumulative incidence rate of the virus in the region has gone from 915.3 (on February 27) to 726.8. While still a very high figure, it confirms the downward trend.

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