IT is one of the most stunning spots in Spain, the former capital of Castilla y León well trotted by pilgrims on the El Camino de Santiago trail, dripping with history.

But residents of Burgos have been unable to keep out three unwelcome interlopers: God the Father, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus. 

Huge new brass doors adored with the holy family created for the Burgos Cathedral have caused a hellish row – with residents accusing deeming the portals an ‘artistic outrage’.  

Plans for the doors, designed to mark the Unesco’s World Heritage site’s 800th anniversary, led to a petition signed by more than 31,000 people.

They attack the new doors as ‘an eyesore however you look at them’ and claiming ‘no anniversary warrants such ill treatment of our heritage’. 

Even Unesco’s World Heritage Centre, acting on a report by the Spanish branch of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (Icomos), has recommended against installing the bronze doors.


But Cathedral authorities have put their full weight behind new doors, designed by the renowned, award-winning artist Antonio López, which feature God the Father, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus as a young child.

Cathedral chiefs said Lopez’ doors will complement ‘a monument already rendered in five artistic styles that are the fruit of each stage of its eight centuries’ adding that the current wooden doors are old and in a poor state of repair.

The final decision on the new doors will be taken by the culture department of the government of Castilla y León, the Spanish region in which Burgos sits.

Meanwhile, the cathedral authorities are hoping that public opinion will turn and residents will stop pushing against the new doors. 

They say the bronze portals offer ‘a unique opportunity to open art, the cathedral and the city’ and added:“This is an opportunity to connect the city with the future and to make history with these new doors, which the cathedral needs, and which will be a symbol of union and a legacy for future generations.”

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