COVID restrictions in Valenciana expect to be eased from Monday, March 1, but such decisions will be made “with rigour, caution and prudence”, says regional president, Ximo Puig.

Infection rates and the number of cases have dropped significantly in the last week or so, and the Valencian Government is considering designing a de-escalation plan. 

terrace pic
TERRACES: Could be open from Monday, March 1

This coming Thursday, February 25, sees a meeting of the Interdepartmental Table chaired by Ximo Puig, himself.

However, he has already admitted that any decisions will be made “with rigour, caution and prudence,” because main indicators of the pandemic are still high.

Representatives of hoteliers, travel agents and sports companies already have a meeting planned for tomorrow, February 23, with the Consell to discuss easing of the Covid restrictions that have decimated those industries.

Much like the current relaxation in the Region of Murcia, it is anticipated that terraces will be allowed to open throughout the hospitality industry, but such actions will only be fully tenable if the flight ban is also lifted.

Sources confirm that even relaxing the mandatory need to wear a mask is being considered for sports activities.

Another lockdown measure that may be modified is the effective closure of large cities over weekends, which affects 2.4 million people, half of the region’s population.

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