AN ALMORADI drugs farm has been dismantled by Policia Nacional with 30 people being arrested.

The secret cocaine processing laboratory was busted whilst in operation, producing up to 600Kg of the drug every month.

Investigations began at the beginning of last year, when police intelligence detected large quantities of chemicals being delivered to one address in the Levante area.

The drugs gang was quickly located and identified, their leader being well-known in the Alicante drugs scene, with a history of possessing illegal weapons.

The gang leader had separate teams responsible for manufacture, distribution and sales.

In one of the gang’s vehicles, police found over 18,000 euros and 4.2 grams of cocaine, as well as a secret compartment for hiding more drugs.

Three were arrested as two homes were raided and 400 grams of cocaine was seized along with almost half a million euros and two high-end vehicles.

The drugs farm itself was disguised as a mechanics workshop, positioned amongst stables and an animal pound.

A hidden door led to a secret room where the chemicals were used to process the cocaine.

During the raid, some 17Kg of the drug was found in various stages of production.

Police also found over 3000 litres of chemicals and crystals used in production.

Another 13 homes were also raided in different locations throughout the Valencian Community and Murcia, which resulted in a further 52 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride being seized.

A refrigerated truck, 20 more high-end vehicles, three jet skis, two handguns, three rifles and 650,000 euros cash was also seized.

After a total of 30 arrests, National Police were satisfied that the organisation was dismantled.

They admit the operation was surprising both for its sophistication and ability to produce such large amounts of cocaine, up to 600 kilograms per month.

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