LATEST figures released tonight(March 2) by the Valencian health ministry declared 585 new COVID-19 infections.

As expected, it is 225 rise on the Monday total which is normally the lowest figure of any weekday.

The more indicative week-to week comparison, shows a fall of 234 on the February 23 total.

Two weeks ago, 2,065 new infections were reported, and there were 4,310 cases on February 9.

Death rates are showing significant falls and more than halved compared to late January and early February, with 38 fatalities reported today.

The pandemic death toll total in the Valencian Community now stands at 6,752.

Hospitalisations continue to fall with 1,047 people admitted, 70 fewer than yesterday, and a week-to-week fall of 540.

A fortnight ago, hospitalisations stood at 2.134 and 3,235 on February 9.

248 patients are in intensive care, compared to 344 a week ago.

16 outbreaks were reported in the region, with seven of them all caused through social contact in the Valencia City area.

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