THOUSANDS of workers at Madrid’s Airbus plant face an agonising wait to to discover if their jobs are safe as delays hamper union talks.

Aerospace company Airbus announced yesterday that efforts are still being made to secure the future of almost 1,800 workers in Spain.

The statement comes as Airbus has announced that its plants in France, Germany and the UK will avoid redundancies thanks to ‘a successful deployment of internal mobility measures.’

The delays in Spanish talks have been exaggerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and disagreements in bargaining terms.

However Airbus maintains that a final evaluation will take place in the coming weeks.

Back in June, Airbus announced that 15,000 jobs worldwide would be culled as a result of internal restructuring due to lack of sales.

Of the 15,000, 899 were based at Madrid’s Getafe factory and a further 722 in the company’s defense and space division based at Puerto Real in Cadiz.

Union negotiations following the announcement led to 413 workers taking voluntary redundancy, early retirement and relocations to other departments within the company.

The remaining workers are now reliant on final mitigation proceedings and to confirm what, and if, the Spanish government will step in.

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