THREE men have been arrested for attempting to recover 300 kilos of cocaine from Valencia port.

The suspects were detained as they tried to break into a container carrying the drugs hidden inside an undisclosed legal cargo that had arrived from Brazil.

Following their arrest, the Guardia Civil located six large rucksacks containing the illicit substance.

Ukraine Seizes 400 Kg Of Cocaine Worth $ 60 Million In Kiev 02 Jul 2019
The cocaine seized at Valencia port

According to the security forces, this is the preferred method to import illegal drugs from other countries.

The substances are stashed inside a legal shipment either at the port of origin or during one of the stops along the way, unbeknownst to the importer and exporter.

Upon arrival at the destination, teams of expert ‘rescuers’ break into the container, recover the drugs and seal the entrance after them so the cargo can continue its normal journey to the importer.

No one along the route is usually aware of any wrongdoing.

The three people arrested in Valencia this week are said to belong to one of those groups of ‘rescuers’, of which there are about 10 operating in Valencia city.

More than eight tonnes of cocaine were seized at Valencia port in shipments from the American continent last year.

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