BENIDORM firefighters had an unusual call-out when they had to remove a nest of bees from an Altea property.

The owner phoned the emergency services after discovering the bees behind some panelling.

Several Benidorm fire department members have received specialist training from beekeepers on how to safely deal with nests.

They use special chemicals which also ensures that no harm is done to the bees.

Experts have warned home-owners not to use any domestic insecticides or chemicals if they find a nest, but to call local firefighters instead.

Trying to take action against bee or wasp nests might cause exactly what the resident does not want, and that is getting stung.

If the worst does happen, then the advice is not to try any quick home medical remedies but to use approved medication.

In extreme cases of swallowing or breathing difficulties, the victim should get emergency medical attention to avoid the possibility of anaphylactic shock.

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