THANKS to an exchange of works, the Picasso Museum Malaga will host, until 2022, the guest work ‘Copa, periodico y dado’ (Glass, dice and newspaper) from its Parisian counterpart.

The painting, belonging to the collection of the Musee national Picasso-Paris, was produced by the Malaga artist in 1914.

Museo Picasso Malaga
Picasso Museum Malaga.

That same year, Picasso created a small sculpture, Copa de absenta, which forms part of the permanent collection 2020-2023 of the Picasso Museum in Malaga and which, in turn, is currently on loan to the Paris Museum forming part of the Picasso-Rodin exhibition.

This exchange of works of art is customary between museums and gives great works of art accessibility to a broader audience, sometimes yielding new insights to the work, dialogue and growth.

The guest work ‘Copa, periodico y dado,’ is a small relief painting which Picasso created by using a cigar box as a canvas.

The Picasso Museum in Malaga, located in the heart of the old city, in the Buenavista Palace, has 285 works donated by members of Picasso’s family.

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