POLICE investigators believe last weekend’s fire at Governor’s Meadow School was carried out on purpose and have arrested three people they believe to be to blame.

Two men and a juvenile have been arrested so far on the charge of arson after detectives from the RGP Crime and Protective Services Division looked into the blaze.

It took the fire services half an hour to bring the fire under control, although by then it had caused significant damage.

According to the RGP, an off-duty officer who lived nearby the school, woke up in the middle of the night and smelt the fire.

He then raised the alarm and called the fire brigade who were quickly on the scene.

A 23-years-old man from Referendum House and a 30-year-old of Naval Hospital Hill have been arrested this morning.

A juvenile who is also connected with the arson was arrested together with two accused men.

The investigation is continuing to try to use forensic evidence to piece together what really happened at the former Bayside school building.

Members of the public who have any extra information can contact the police via the RGP website or on 200 72500.

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