VALENCIAN health minister, Ana Barcelo, has said that it is ‘far too early’ to loosen up most COVID-19 restrictions in the Valencian Community.

The current package of measures is due to expire on April 12 and most are expected to be renewed later this week.

The Valencian Community is the only part of Spain to be classified as ‘low risk’ for the spread of COVID-19 after the region imposed the country’s toughest restrictions to beat down infection rates in late January.

Barcelo says they want to wait to see if there have been any major upward movements in the infection rates over Easter before making any major moves.

Any such effect will take between seven and ten days to show up in coronavirus numbers.

It is taken for granted that the 10.00 pm curfew and the regional border closure will be extended and Valencian officials will meet this Thursday(April 8) to talk about the possibility of making other changes.

That includes looking at pushing back the 6.00 pm closure time for the hospitality sector.

Ana Barcelo said: “We will this week analyse the figures that we have to see if there is any scope for making changes and that will include bars and restaurants.”

She praised people for their behaviour over the Easter holiday for respecting social distancing and wearing masks.

Speaking at the weekend, Valencian president, Ximo Puig, said: “We will continue with the utmost caution as we want to reach May 9 in the best possible state.”

May 9 is when the second national State of Alarm expires which allows all of Spain’s 17 regions to impose restrictions like perimeter closures and a night-time curfew.

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