GANDIA (La Safor, Valencia Province) will have the first sustainable beach bars in Spain.

The local council has unveiled plans to swap the current type of temporary summer chiringuitos for buildings that are more eco-friendly, with features such as using recycled materials, structures built in nearby areas, low energy consumption, solar panels, and wind-powered electricity generators.

Once open, the beach bars will be bound by other environmental concerns, such as a ban on single-use plastics.


The move has been announced for summer 2024, when the current bar licences expire, making Nord beach the first in the country to feature the sustainable structures.

Gandia Town Hall has called on the Valencia School of Architects to launch a competition, aimed at young professionals, to design the new chiringuitos.   

The council’s plans include increasing the number of removable establishments on Nord beach to 12, each occupying up to 200 square metres.

Gandia beach is classed as one of the best in Spain, and with this project, the council hopes to also make it an example of sustainability and respect for the environment.

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