The Minister of Health and Families has said he is ‘very optimistic’ that the fourth wave of COVID ‘should be the last’. 

Jesús Aguirre shared the positive message today, adding that he had ‘full confidence in the vaccine’ and urged people across Spain to remain cautious. 

He said: “My full confidence is in the vaccine. The more vaccinated, the less probability of mortality.”

It comes as Andalucía registered a total of 1,207 new cases of coronavirus, according to data provided by the Junta’s Ministry of Health yesterday. 

Three more people died from the virus- the lowest figure since the three reported on March 28. 

The cumulative incidence rate of the region has risen for the thirteenth consecutive day and stands at 225.3 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, an increase of 23.5 points in two days – as the rate is not reported in the region on Sundays. It now stands at 69.9 points above the rate of 155.4 from last Monday.

The 1,207 new cases are fewer than the more than 2,000 on Saturday, Friday and Thursday, and the 1,767 on Wednesday, but more than the 1,008 last Monday.

There were no COVID-19 figures provided by the Junta’s Ministry of Health today due to a ‘technical problem’.

More as we have it.


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