THE Spanish government has published a COVID vaccination calendar outlining the estimated inoculation dates for each age bracket throughout the country.

However, the Ministry for Health insists that this is a provisional programme that could change depending on the rollout in each individual region and on possible delays due to supply or temporary stoppages – such as the one that affected the AstraZeneca vaccine two weeks ago and is currently halting the Janssen jab in Europe.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez maintains his promise to have 70% of the population – enough to achieve herd immunity – inoculated before the end of summer.

COVID vaccine calendar Spain

According to the current vaccination plan, everyone over the age of 80 should have received both doses – or one in the case of Janssen – before May 9.

This translates as up to three million residents being completely covered by the end of the national state of alarm, set to be lifted on that same date, plus another two million of other priority target groups such as health workers.

People aged 70 to 79 are expected to be totally vaccinated by June 6 – an estimated 10 million residents across Spain. This age bracket was due to receive the Janssen jab, currently suspended at the time of reporting.

June 20 has been set as the deadline for recipients aged between 66 and 69. Last week it was agreed to extend the coverage of the AstraZeneca jab to include this population sector.

The same date has also been set for people aged 56 to 65, although the government admits that inoculation of this age group could take a bit longer, probably being completed in July.

COVID vaccination calendar Spain 2

Residents within the 46-55 range should be fully vaccinated by July 25, with everyone over the age of 32 due to be inoculated before August 31.

And this is as far as the government’s planned vaccination calendar goes, implying that citizens aged 18 to 31 will begin receiving their jabs in September.  

None of the existing COVID vaccines are yet recommended for under-18s, pending results from ongoing trials.

All residents who are registered with the public Health service should be clearly notified with a date, time and place to receive their jab.


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