BRITISH Prime Minister Boris Johnson will set out plans to kick start travel from the UK in ‘early May’ as part of his next stage in his coronavirus roadmap. 

Johnson said he will ‘set out which countries are on the list’ at the start of next month,  while he will also give more details on the traffic light system for international travel.

Airlines are fighting for survival after a year of nearly no travel, and the government’s plan to use a traffic-light system for countries based on infection and vaccination levels gives a glimmer of hope that some form of holidays could take place.

Under the current plan international travel will not resume until mid-May at the earliest. 

At a news conference at Downing Street last night, the prime minister was asked if people can now start dreaming of a summer abroad.

He replied: “I’d love to be able to give you a clear rundown of countries that are red, amber or green at this stage.

“You can see some of the troubles and problems our friends are having. It’s too early to speculate about that. I’m sorry about that.

He added: “We’ll be saying more as soon as we possibly can, in early May.” 


The Government has earmarked May 17 as the date that foreign trips could restart, with plans dependent on several factors, including infection rates in England and on the continent. 

Currently foreign holidays are banned but the UK Government hopes to resume international travel next month with a traffic light system for travellers. 

When travel does resume counties will be placed on green, amber, or red lists to determine if you need to quarantine/undergo further tests when you’re back in the UK.

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