A POLICIA Local unit has been accused of holding an illegal party at their headquarters in Palma de Mallorca.

It is alleged that 15 on-duty officers attended the hour-long gathering which was organised to celebrate the departure of a retiring colleague.

This could be viewed as a violation of the current coronavirus measures on the island which limits social interactions to six people.

This does not however include gatherings between people at work.

In response to the allegations, the unit has released a statement vehemently denying that there was any wrongdoing.

They claim that the gathering was ‘purely an institutional act’ that was ‘carried out within the force’s premises’ and ‘during working hours’.

“Can it be classed as an illegal party if it is an act carried out by people who are working? 

“We have not violated anything, not even the curfew,” the statement read.

At the end of last year, president Francina Armengol faced similar accusations after being found at one of the capital’s bars at 2am.

This was seen as a clear breach of the restrictions enforced by Armegol’s very own government who implicitly stated that nightlife venues must close at 1am. 

Although apologising for how bad it looked, she blamed the blunder on a minister fainting and having to wait the dizzy spell out in the premises. 


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