POLICE in Mallorca have arrested a woman for allegedly murdering her boyfriend and covering up his death with a web of lies.

Policia Nacional had initiated an investigation into the man’s death after growing suspicious that the woman, aged 38, was not being truthful as to how her boyfriend died.

According to the woman’s first statement to police, in the early hours of March 12 the pair decided to go for a drive in Palma’s Son Valenti industrial estate.

She claimed that she started the car without noticing that the passenger door was open and as the vehicle began to move forward, her boyfriend fell to the ground and onto his head.

However, a coroner determined that the man’s head injuries were not sustained from a fall of this kind, leading police to believe that the woman was responsible.

Alongside this, investigators say the woman gave contradictory versions about the supposed ‘accident’ in all of her interviews with police, as well as to responding paramedics.

The man had been rushed to the intensive care unit of Son Espases hospital but died the next day.

Last year, a strikingly similar case rocked Mallorca when a man staged an elaborate car crash in a bid to conceal his wife’s murder.

Although eventually confessing to murder, the 35-year-old man had initially told police that his 32-year-old wife had been fatally injured in the crash.

When officers arrived at the scene, they followed a trail of blood into nearby woods where the woman’s body was discovered under a pile of branches.

Policia Nacional’s Homicide Group said the was killed by being repeatedly bashed on the head with a stone and stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver. 


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