EXPAT actor Mads Mikkelsen praised Spain for creating complex leading roles for actors. 

The A-lister, who lives in Mallorca, said the country had been very influential in his career.

Mikkelsen, who originally trained as a gymnast and dancer in Denmark before becoming Hollywood’s favourite bad guy, recently spilled the secrets behind the making of the movie Spanish flick, Torremolinos 73. 

The 2003 film starred Mikkelsen alongside Javier Cámara who played a struggling encyclopedia salesman in the 1970s who turns to the adult film industry when he falls on hard times. 

Mikkelsen, who played Magnus in the movie, said: “It was a crazy project. I don’t know what happened. Nobody spoke English on set. “They forgot me on a beach once — the entire crew. I had this blonde hair, and blue-tinted contact lenses, and I was wearing this Speedo from the ’70s with a cape you wear when you’re Mr. Death. 

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The Danish actor spilled all with in the latest interview with Vulture (Credit: Instagram)

“I had no phone, no money on me, and everybody left. I was like, What’s happening? Come back!”

He even revealed that the director, Pablo Berger only shot 50% of the film he wanted. 

Speaking of the Bilbao writer and director, Mikkelsen said: “He came home with 50 percent of the film that he shot — the rest he didn’t shoot. He was always running out of time. I was like, There’s no way he can make a film out of this. But when I watched it, it was sweet and fun. I mean, I can see a lot of stuff missing but it was a good tone.” 

Mikkelsen revealed in the recent Vuture interview that he had better opportunities to make interesting films in Europe, unlike in Hollywood where is often typecast as the villain. 

He said: “I definitely wouldn’t mind if somebody would give me something else in America. That would be great for me. It would be great for them. Let’s do it.”


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