IT seems that exercising at home has become an essential part of survival during this awful pandemic.

Unfortunately, all available programmes are aimed at the younger market, nothing for we wrinklies who probably need more urgent attention to our failing limbs and minds than the nubile Gods and Goddesses seen prancing around on your TV screens.

So, here is my four-point plan, designed specifically for the 80-something, entitled `Tick-Tock around the clock.’

Not a reflection of the current trendy,`TikTok´ Dance Work-Out Programmes, but because at our age, time is ticking away and every day, hour or minute over three score years and twenty is a bonus.

So, take a deep breath, get yourself comfy, and here we go.

1: Eyebrow Press-Ups. Loosen up those corona worry lines indented on your forehead by relaxing in your favourite chair, head back, and commence moving your eyebrows up and down for 10 minutes.

If they become too heavy, trim them gently back with nail scissors. Careful not to poke your eye out in the process.

2: Field of Dreams. An early morning exercise. Ladies lie flat on your back on the floor, legs apart and cast your mind back to what this meant to you in your younger days.

After one hour reminiscing, attempt to stand up. Note: Please ensure you have your mobile phone or panic button close at hand to call for help if still there at sunset.

Gentlemen, same exercise, but lie on your stomach.

4: Finger strengtheners. Hold your hand out, palm up. Close your fist, the raise your index and middle fingers upwards to form a `V´ Hold this ´V´ while raising your lower arm up and down for several minutes.

This exercise is also ideal for indicating your thoughts to family asking for open membership to the bank of grandma and grandad. One finger is also acceptable.

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