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OLD HACK IN THE SUN: The ramblings of an 80-something expat

IT seems that exercising at home has become an essential part of survival during this awful pandemic. Unfortunately, all available programmes are aimed at the...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: Benny Davis with the 80-something ramblings of an expat in Spain

To all fellow retired ex-pats. Eat drink and be merry. Enjoy life in this beautiful country we now call home, the last leg of...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: Benny Davis with the 80-something ramblings of an expat in Spain

Are you a digital doer or a real-life print reader? Although the Olive Press alternates weekly publication of my column between actual print and ether-controlled...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: Benny Davis with the 80-something ramblings of an expat in Spain

V-DAY SPECIAL JUST been informed my COVID vaccination will happen tomorrow. Wow! Haven't been so excited since my first sexual experience, handling a set of playing...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: Mum’s gone to Ireland!

IN a recent rambling, I reported that life as we know it here in Spain was on the edge of total extinction as we...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: Benny Davis with the ramblings of an 80-something expat in Spain

OVER the centuries, us Brits have maintained our traditional stiff upper lip through a multitude of catastrophic situations. Don’t panic, keep calm, keystone foundation...

DEAR JENNIFER: Do I really have to get a TIE/Residencia card if I’m still unregistered in Spain?

As I suspected, the demand for TIE/Residencia appointments is increasing very quickly. It is vital that if you have not got a Residencia already and...

DEAR JENNIFER: What kind of cover do I actually get with an insurance policy?

All the world is experiencing a very frightening time due to this dreadful virus that is circulating everywhere. Until a vaccine has been developed, we...

The Original LOL

NOW most of you reading this will have been ‘lolling’ for years - firstly, back when it became cool to abbreviate every possible word...

Traveling with kids

When Tanya and I first got together, Max and Osher were six and seven. In the heady days of our first few months as...

Life so far

New OP blogger in Almeria Claire Thomas introduces her life so far on the coast she has called home for ten years

Memories of Middlesbrough

My home town is Middlesbrough and I am proud of it. It is not the prettiest town in the world being built on a history of mining, shipbuilding plus steel and chemical works

I’m not your media naranja

Tu media naranja: your other half, your better half, your soul mate

Happy New Year from the Olive Press!

Exciting year ahead for the newspaper and our websites

I miss your rolls…

I can’t stop thinking about you. I keep imagining I see you through store windows. I ask for you all the time. I even thought I found you once, but it was just an imposter.




Negligent dog owner loses jail sentence appeal after six-month-old puppy died on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Costa Blanca woman has lost her appeal against a three-month jail sentence for letting her dog die from serious neglect. She also got a...