BRITAIN’s richest plumber and his pals have raised €10,000 for a charity close to their hearts. 

Charlie Mullins, who has a holiday home in La Cala and revealed exclusively to the Olive Press earlier this year he intends to secure citizenship in Spain, has always been a massive supporter of local animal charity Palevlas. 

Now, thanks to the money donated by Charlie at the glitzy gala hosted at The Harour Bar in Marbella last week, the sanctuary now has the funds to open its very own animal hospital  

Located near Monda and run by dedicated couple Octavio and  Jenny, Palevlas protectora de animales cares for 70 stray dogs and 40 cats.

Harbour 06
Charlie poses with singer and songwriter, Ra Ra

Soon the sick stray pets will receive state of the art care in their own custom built hospital after the building’s cost was donated by the Pimlico chairman. 

The night also saw more than € 10,000 in donations pour in for the pooch and cat shelter, thanks to generous bidding at a charity auction and a donation from Penny and Mark, who own and run The Harbour Bar and restaurant. 

“Octavio and Jenny have given their lives to the Palevlas animal sanctuary and they deserve our praise and support for all they do,” Charlie told the Olive Press. 

“Sometimes success isn’t just about how much money you make, and the happiness that this couple have brought to others, and especially to the rescued cats and dogs they look after and find new homes for, is something quite special we all should take notice of.”

“It was a great night and the level of support it received says a lot for how people here feel about what Jenny and Octavio have achieved.”



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