TWO cargo ships have been quarantined at Valencia port after several passengers began showing symptoms of COVID.

The container carriers arrived from Barcelona and Algeciras (Cadiz, Andalucia) on May 1, with four and six infected crew members respectively.

As soon as both captains learnt of the suspected infections, they informed Valencia port management and triggered the emergency sanitary protocols.

Port authorities offered to dock both boats in a safe interior area away from everyday commercial activity while the positive cases are treated and the required quarantine period is observed by all occupants.

Valencia Port
Valencia port

The proposal was immediately accepted by the Health authorities and the captains of both ships, who gave the order to dock at two mooring points usually reserved for cruise liners.

Spokespeople for the port management have guaranteed full compliance with all existing COVID measures and sanitary guidelines on behalf of the crews.   

Teams of tracers are working to isolate all close contacts of the infected patients aboard the ships, although at the time of reporting no one had required hospital treatment on land.

No more information has yet been made public, although the vessels are expected to be isolated for at least 10 days with full testing taking place until being given the all-clear to continue their respective voyages.

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