A police car was given the ‘Basil Fawlty’ treatment when an angry man attacked it with a branch.

In a scene that was almost a carbon copy from the famous UK TV comedy of the seventies, a 64-year-old man appeared outside the Alcantarilla police station in the Murcia region.

Police officers saw him clutching a one-metre-long tree branch and he started to thrash a Policia Nacional vehicle.

They watched agog as the Portuguese national did substantial damage to the car’s bodywork.

He also smashed the front and rear windows of the vehicle.

The officers had difficulty in restraining him as he also let rip with a tirade of foul language and insults against them.

A public defender appeared on the scene and got the same abusive treatment before the irate attacker was eventually calmed down and hauled in front of a judge.

It’s unclear why he decided to vent his anger at a police car.

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