A slow upward trend in new coronavirus infections is developing in the Valencian Community.

Latest figures from the regional health ministry show 210 new COVID-19 cases today(May 27).

That is a rise of 37 on a week-to-week comparison and 18 more than yesterday.

No reason has been given for the small increases in cases over the last week or so.

It’s possible that increased mobility following the end of the regional border closure on May 9 may be playing a part along with reduced curfew times and extended hospitality hours.

Nevertheless, the infection rate is still very low and today’s total is a far cry from early February when close to 10,000 cases were reported in one day.

Just one death from the coronavirus has been reported today, taking the pandemic death toll in the region to 7,429.

It means that 14 fatalities have been reported in the last week, most of which are from earlier this year.

Hospital admissions are slowly creeping up with a third successive daily rise.

The number now stands at 122, compared to yesterday’s figure of 120.

The rises are only tiny and admissions are 21 fewer on a week-to-week basis.

Intensive care unit admissions are only 24, the same total as yesterday, and 12 less compared to a week ago.


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