Earlier in May, Gibraltar became one of the first countries to go onto the UK’s green list, giving Brits a holiday location they can travel to without the need for quarantine – if they stay in Gibraltar that is…

The Olive Press spoke to a few sun-hungry flyers, to see what brought them to Gibraltar and why.

“We’re going to visit our friend for the bank holiday weekend – our first trip in over a year,” say friends Dwain and Jack, from Portsmouth.

Dwain From Portsmouth
Dwain flew into Gibraltar from Portsmouth.

“I’m visiting my brother, who lives near Malaga, so I will technically be going to Spain and will have to quarantine when I’m home,” says Hammid, a dentist from Orpington, in South East London, “I don’t mind. He’s not been very well, and I couldn’t not seize this opportunity.”

“My children are about to be reunited with their father – my husband – after months apart,” says Mackle, from Northern Ireland. “My children needed special schooling that we couldn’t get in Gibraltar, so we live in Northern Ireland, while my husband lives and works in Gibraltar. Usually we can fly back and forth quite easily, but it’s been tough during Covid-19.”

However, not everyone’s playing by the rules.

A middle-aged British woman – who has asked not to be named – was flying to Gibraltar, with her two grandsons, to see her daughter and husband. The trouble is, they live in Spain…

“We’ve booked a hotel for one night in Gibraltar, then we’ll cross the border to see them,” she told the Olive Press.

The family is hoping to avoid quarantine by using the hotel address on their locator forms. Though the Brit admits, she is ‘a little worried’.


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