MORE than 1000 children were drawn into a paedophile’s evil web. Police say that the 58-year-old man tricked them into obtaining sexual images.

The sex offender, from Palma, who has now been arrested, was distributing the images through a well-known social network – which one, hasn’t yet been disclosed.

At times, the man is thought to have posed as a child, enticing under 16-year-olds to share pornographic images, by sending them pornographic images of children, which he pretended showed himself.

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Police are investigating the evidence obtained from the paedophile’s house.

National Police in Palma are investigating the crime. So far, they have traced multiple social media profiles and telephone numbers back to the man in question.

Further evidence obtained from his house is still being analysed.

Not so long ago, the Olive Press investigated the arrest of a known British child sex offender who changed his name and falsified documents to gain employment at a school in Madrid.

The Olive Press broke the story last month of his arrest in Spain revealing how Ben Lewis, 31 had changed his name by deed poll and fled the UK finding work with children at schools in Spain, despite being on the sex offenders register.

Our investigation uncovered how easy it was for someone with a criminal record to change their name, forge documents, move to Spain, evade criminal record checks and gain access to children.

The Olive Press learnt how within months of receiving a suspended sentence in the UK for child sex crimes, being put on a sex offender register and banned from leaving the country or working with children, he had moved to Zaragoza as a live au pair for a family with three young children.

Read the full investigation by the Olive Press.

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