HOTELS in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca last week recorded 89.7% of their overnight stays as coming from people from Spain.

Figures from Benidorm-based hotel association, Hosbec, showed that between June 7 and June 13, 50.6% of the resort’s rooms were occupied thanks to the big Spanish booking figure.

Last weekend, room occupation went up to 63.7%, with 90.7% of that figure down to national tourism.

Figures for the Costa Blanca(excluding Benidorm) for last week showed occupancy at 57%, with domestic arrivals accounting for 86.1%.

Hosbec last month suggested that half of Benidorm’s hotels were not opening until July because they were very dependent on the UK market.

They said that 58% of their member hotels are currently open in the resort.

As the UK continues to keep Spain on the ‘Amber’ travel list with little prospect of change before August, domestic tourism is the lifeblood for local hotels.

They are also expecting increases in EU visitors who will have the new COVID health passport.

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