A 30-YEAR-OLD man is facing charges of murdering two women, one aged 19 and the other heavily pregnant, in separate incidents in inland Valencia Province.

David, known by his nickname ‘El Tuvi’, was this week formally accused of killing 19-year-old Wafaa Sebbah, who went missing from La Pobla Llarga (Ribera Alta) on November 17, 2019.

The alleged murderer confessed the crime yesterday (Thursday June 17) and led investigators to Wafaa’s body, which had been dumped in a well on a plot of land owned until very recently by his family.

Policia Nacional

El Tuvi was arrested and remanded in custody awaiting trial on charges of homicide, with the aggravation that it is thought he killed Wafaa because she refused his sexual advances.

But just hours later, new reports surfaced allegedly linking the suspect to a previous murder on June 11, 2019 – just five months before the death of Wafaa.

Isabell Raducanu, a 36-year-old prostitute, was six months pregnant when she was found strangled and stabbed 37 times in her flat in Xativa (La Costera).


Initially her partner was arrested and charged with the crime, but was eventually released in February this year, awaiting trial, as the police report regarding the GPS location of his mobile phone at the time of the murder was said to be ‘confusing’.

Investigators found a pair of underpants tangled up in one of Isabell’s legs, which were sent to the lab for analysis and yielded a set of DNA – which was found to match El Tuvi’s.

In a trial earlier this month, El Tuvi admitted knowing the victim ‘as a client’, but alleged to be suffering from memory lapses caused by an as yet unproven traffic accident he claims to have suffered five years ago.

Guardia Civil

Court sources also reveal that he lied about his whereabouts on June 11, 2019, when he claimed to be working but was proven wrong by a report from the Social Security that showed he did not work that day.  

National Police and Guardia Civil investigators are now working to establish connections and prepare a joint case for both murders against the prime suspect.   


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