LAST week Pedro Sanchez announced that face covering rules will change in Spain as the coronavirus infection rate continues to drop.  

The Prime Minister said people should no longer feel obligated to wear masks outdoors from June 26.

He said: “Our streets, our faces, will begin to regain their normal appearance in the coming days.”

But what about other communal spaces, such as workplace canteens, corridors and break rooms? We take a look at everywhere it is mandatory to wear a mask ahead of the new rules coming into force on Saturday

When must I wear a mask outside? 

If you are outdoors but cannot keep a safe distance from others, you will still be obligated to wear your mask. That means it is still essential that you wear a mask on busy public roads, or anywhere else that the safety distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. 

What about the rules in bars and restaurants? 

You still need to wear a mask, unless you are consuming food or drink.

What are the rules for public transport

Whether you are travelling by road, rail or plane, masks will still be essential if you are travelling with people that you do not live with.

What will happen at social gatherings? 

Unless you are meeting outdoors, a mask is still mandatory. 

Do I need to wear a mask while working out? 

It depends on what the activity is, but in the case of group sports where the safety distance cannot be maintained, you must still wear a face covering. 

Anywhere else? 

In short, masks must be worn everywhere you mix with people that you do not live with. That means masks remain mandatory in places such as shops, museums, galleries, offices and schools. 


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