TWO men were killed in separate incidents in Valencia Province over the weekend.

The most shocking case was reported on Saturday night, when a father killed his own 21-year-old son at the family home in the Cabanyal area of Valencia city.

Police sources reveal that the victim was under a restraining order from his parents after the father reported him for violent assault.

Reports suggest that the son broke the legal restriction and visited his father, who opened the door and let the young man in.

An argument then erupted, escalating gradually until both men came to blows and ended when the father hit his son over the head with a blunt instrument.

Once the victim was on the floor, the father allegedly strangled him, killing him on the spot.

The suspected killer then sent a message to his ex-wife and mother of the victim, stating: “It’s all sorted out now.”

National Police Car

Upon arriving at the house, the mother found her son dead on the floor and called the emergency services and the National Police, who arrested the father and launched an investigation.

Just 16 hours earlier, a 47-year-old man identified as Jesus stabbed and killed 30-year-old Hector in Torrella (La Costera, inland Valencia Province).

According to the police, this murder could also have been in self-defence, as it appears the victim was injured as he attempted to burn Jesus alive in his home.

Initial reports suggest Hector and another man, both with criminal histories, visited Jesus’ home at 7 am on Saturday morning and poured petrol on the front door and wall of the house in retaliation over some undisclosed argument.

Jesus allegedly realised what was happening and threw a large kitchen knife through a window, hitting Hector in the abdomen and fatally wounding him before calling the police.

Officers found the body of Hector lying face down in the orange groves just 100 metres from the house, arresting Jesus on suspicion of homicide and eventually locating and seizing the second man involved in the petrol attack.    

Investigators believe that if the fuel had been set alight, Jesus would have in all probability been burned to death as there was no other way for him to escape the house.


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